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15 Oct 2010 The Real Secret Key To This Week’s Miracle
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Estan SaliendoThe whole world witnessed a major miracle this week.

Yes, this week the world witnessed the power of God in action. And as I declare this I am not denying the role of technology and the skills of the rescue workers.

God uses practical things, and His people who cooperate with Him to create miracles.

The miracle I am referring to of course is that of the safe rescue of 33 miners in Chile this week. PLUS 31 of them have already been released from hospital to go home and begin their new lives.

Some interesting stories are coming out now that miners are here to speak and share some of their experiences. Of course there was tension and anguish in the first days before they were found. Yes, they thought that their lives would end there.

BUT God stepped in. Lots and lots of prayer was being lifted up from the families, friends and from all over the world.

Here is what happened:
Through the brother and daughter of Jose Henirque the ministry, Campus Crusade For Christ was able to send an MP3 audio version of the Jesus film and an MP3 audio version of the New Testament in Spanish to Henriquez down in the mine.

Jose’s reaction to this gift was:

Thank you for this tremendous blessing for me and my coworkers. It will be good for our spiritual edification. I am fine because Christ lives in me.

We have prayer services at 12 noon and 6 pm.

Then Jose asked Campus Crusade For Christ to get them some T Shirts that said: Gracias Señor (Thank you God) on the front and had the text of Psalm 95:4 on the back.

Psalm 95:4 says:

In his hand are the depths of the earth,
and the mountain peaks belong to him.

Mario Sepúlveda is reported to have made this comment when he came out:
God and the devil were fighting over me and God won, he said. I always knew they would get me out. I always had faith in the professionals here in Chile and in the Great Creator.

Their faith was very strong.

May this example and testimony be a GREAT encouragement to you today as you apply it to YOUR personal situations. You may even feel trapped by circumstances or people.

JillTake courage, believe God and do all you know to do, and you too WILL come out of your prison.

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13 Oct 2010 A Story Of Faith, Hope And Miracles
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Chilean Miners rescuedToday the world witnessed a historic event that has never been seen before. It was an event driven my hope, faith and miracles and incredible team work.

33 Chilean miners were pulled out of the damaged mine one by one. They had been trapped in this mine for 70 days. I spent most of the day watching the event live and it was incredible. I watched it online where it was easier to pick up what they were saying and it was an amazing day.

The stories of each miner and their families were incredible as were the speeches given by President Sebastian Pinera.

From the conversations, speeches and greetings I could clearly see at least 3 main keys that led this mission to success.

Honor and Gratitude To God
In President Pinera’s last speech he made the comment: What ended as a true blessing from God – started as a possible tragedy.

The Hand of God was certainly in all of this mission, AND everyone involved in one way or another recognized this and gave thanks and honor to God.

One miner was shielded from harm simply because he stopped to observe a butterfly. That kept him out of harm’s way as rocks fell on his path just at that moment. There no doubt that God’s protective Hand was on him.

Many of the miners wore sweatshirts that had “Thank you Lord” written across the front.

Hope and Faith Was Never Lost.
Many of the miners and their loved ones were heard to say that they did not lose hope or faith. The President himself declared earlier in the day: All of the miners are coming out strong and full of faith”

Team Work
There was incredible team work among the miners below as they organized themselves, agreed to delegate certain responsibilities. It is clear that each miner both respected his position and the position of the others.

They respected their chosen leaders and worked as a team. No doubt this contributed to saving their lives.

The coordination between the miners and the rescue team was also outstanding.

A True Captain
Luis Urzua took the role of the captain of their team, and as any good captain, he was last to come up. He did not want to come up until ALL of his team were safe.

I am sure there be a lot of stories of this experience coming out in the next days and weeks, and we will all be eager to learn more.

This story is indeed the story of faith, hope and miracles and is a demonstration of the Hand of God and the spirit of the Chilean people.

JillToday’s experience was truly an inspiration and challenge to us all.

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