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Let’s learn how to activate the visual side of our brains.

Learning That Sticks

Do you love to learn? I know I do. The problem is there are so many good books, articles, podcasts, videos, webinars and courses available these days that it just makes my head spin.

Do you find that?

And as for remembering what you learned in one week's time!

You find yourself thinking: "I know I found some interesting facts about this topic - somewhere - where was that now"?

Has this happened to you?

Worse still -

it was just yesterday that you spent 15-30 minutes reading a chapter of a book or an article and now you can't remember anything.

Was that time wasted? 

The Infodoodler

Hi there – my name is The Infodoodler.

I will show you how to learn fast and remember more of what you learn!